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I help corporate and nonprofit leaders and teams design impactful training programs to meet organizational goals. I spent over a decade in higher education as a professor of Leadership Studies with a mission to prepare students for the workforce. Now I work with organizations to ensure that individuals and teams can thrive as innovative learners and inclusive leaders.

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Nyasha is an award-winning leadership educator, facilitator, and learning and development consultant who specializes in personal, team, and organizational leadership development. What sets Nyasha apart is leadership development rooted in cultural humility, a global mindset, and a comprehensive understanding of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


Coffman Engineers has worked with Nyasha since 2020 and continues to collaborate with her as she provides ongoing consulting services.  Nyasha has provided diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and leadership consulting in support of our DEI committee, Board of Directors, leadership team and managers, and various offices across the United States.  She has been instrumental as we developed our DEI vision and mission, with a specific focus on organizational growth and continued improvement.  Nyasha has provided support with developing and providing guidance to our DEI committee; helping us prepare a survey to gather input from our team members in each office to better understand experiences, perceptions, and needs of our team; facilitated awareness building/training in various offices to help us create shared language and understanding of DEI, resolve misunderstandings related to DEI, and reflect on how lived experiences and identities shape work experiences; and helped us shape our DEI mission of promoting an Everyone Culture at Coffman. 

Nyasha has been absolutely incredible to collaborate with and I continue to receive positive feedback from everyone on our team that she interacts with.  She is always extremely thoughtful with her approach and meets each person where they are at with their continued learning.  Coffman continues to benefit from Nyasha’s support and consulting services.  I have spent extensive time working with Nyasha since 2020 and have personally learned a lot from her during our many interactions.  I am a better leader and person because of Nyasha’s influence in my life.  I provide my highest recommendation for Nyasha and believe other organizations would benefit from her consulting and guidance.

Chad Heimbigner, PE
COO, Principal
Coffman Engineers, Inc.

Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper is an impactful facilitator, moderator, and speaker. Her eloquence and intellect are matched by her ability to deliver practical and useful guidance to advance change, inclusive leadership, and equity in organizations and their approaches.

Dr. GuramatunhuCooper is especially gifted at translating theory into practical application. She can explain with ease how to leverage theory to create impactful programming and curriculum. Nyasha engages well with a wide range of individuals. She facilitated a program whereby faculty and staff interrogated what is required to develop global education programs with an inclusive lens. Her facilitation of this program offered an opportunity to observe her ability to be relatable to individuals approaching their work from diverse contexts all while making the content relevant and impactful to each participant. She is tremendously gifted in this way and conducts workshops, delivers keynote presentations, and consultations with this skill set at the forefront of her engagement with others. This unique gift sets her apart from others in the field and provides a blanched approach that is difficult to come by.

Heather I. Scott, PhD ’99. | Agnes Scott College
Assistant Dean for Inclusive Leadership Curriculum and Co-Curriculum SUMMIT

Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper is a gifted leader and facilitator. I was lucky enough to be on a panel she skillfully facilitated and can say with certainty that she has no equal. Yes, she is that good. Poised, brilliant, incisive, and thoughtful are just some of the words that describe her abilities. If you have the opportunity to work with Dr. GuramatunhuCooper, I invite you to take it. You won’t be disappointed.


Collaborating with Nyasha is always a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I have had the honor of co-creating educational content with her across several projects where we’ve encouraged each other to lean into our strengths and strategized together to overcome obstacles to meet the needs of the client. Nyasha is an impeccable educator and facilitator. She is grounded, builds rapport with clients and participants, reads the room well and responds with thoughtfulness. She is masterful with content design and always brings her best to the table. She is a kind, generous and considerate colleague. As a leader in her profession, Nyasha continues to grow her knowledge through research and embraces new ideas to expand her experiences. She is punctual, reliable and honest. I highly recommend Nyasha for any role she desires to embark on. She would be an asset to any organization or community.

Katrina Johnson | Global Leadership Architect with
MarKat Enterprises Senior Lecturer at Monash University

Nyasha’s commitment to outcomes, relationship-building, and clarity make her a go-to partner for us. She approaches each project with curiosity and care, and brings an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to each client’s unique context. We believe in the power of leadership education and Nyasha is someone who delivers on this belief time and time again. We are grateful for our partnership with her and Girton Road Leadership Learning and Consulting!”

Kelsey Solberg, Director, Professional & Community Education (PACE)

Gonzaga University School of Leadership Studies

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Helping corporate and nonprofit leaders and teams diagnose learning needs and design impactful leadership development training programs to meet organizational goals.